Re-Energize Your Life

Are there days that your life just doesn’t feel sustainable any more? Are you feeling completely drained and exhausted? So much so, that if one more person asks you to do … One. More. Thing. … it just might push you over the edge?

If so, personal development coaching can help you! During this 13-session program, you will carve out the necessary time in your life to identify what’s causing you stress, and refocus your time and energy so you can create a more peaceful, purposeful and impactful life. During our time together, these are the steps you'll take in the coaching process:

Step 1: Taking Stock - This session helps you understand how your energy is working for or against you, by helping you to identify areas of stress, as well as recognizing what energizes and inspires you. Understanding is the first step in learning to respond to life’s circumstances in a way that reduces stress and helps you maximize the peace in your life.

Step 2: Out with the Old - Once you know the source of your stress, and what’s draining your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy, we can explore what’s really getting in your way or sabotaging your results. Recognizing the pattern will allow us to create a “change of mind” that will feel more empowering and peaceful, even in stressful situations and interactions.

Step 3: In with the New – Nothing drains your energy faster than the internal conflict that occurs when your head and heart aren’t in alignment. It’s not enough to recognize what you don’t want. This is where we start identifying exactly what you do want, by looking at what’s most important to you, identifying your strengths, developing passions, and honing in on areas of growth. Motivation kicks in to create the life you want, and you’ll grow in confidence, as I support you and cheer you on each step of the way.

Step 4: Moving Forward w/ Intention – This is where you declare your intention after reviewing everything you’ve learned so far, and together we put a plan in place to help you move forward. By now you’ll have a new perspective and a clear vision, and we’ll be able to define tangible steps to help you meet the goals you set for yourself and have a positive impact and influence on those around you!

Re-energize Your Life Program – Stress Assessment & Debrief followed by 3 sessions/ month, with unlimited emails or phone calls in between, 13 sessions total, $1995

Contact me first for a Complimentary Coaching Consultation so we can discover areas in your life where you can benefit from coaching, and we can both discern if my coaching is compatible with your needs!

I am a Certified Professional Coaching and Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, trained by iPEC and it is my passion to see women thriving and living on purpose!

Coach Gender: Female
Coach Languages:
Mandarin Chinese
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Coach Qualifications:
Munyay Approved Coach
Certified Coach
Gallup Certified
ELI-MP Certified
ICF Certified
John Maxwell Certified