Coaching to Impact

As an adoptee, I have done the work and lived the life long experience of primal wound trauma, which effects adoptees at some level. The suicide rate for this group of the population is 4 times greater than with children that are born and remain with their biological parents. My struggle has developed a strong core value of compassion and insight into the adopted child's perspective. The adoption mindset is complicated, suspicious and even painful for some. The main problem is that most children cannot express what they are feeling because they cannot verbally identify their emotions. The National Council of Adoption states the adoption rate for infants has not declined since 2007. As an adoptee I ponder, how will these new parents manage a child who has experienced a loss from the primal wound of separation from their mother.

My journey has taken me through an adoption at 9 months of age with 4 siblings that we also adopted. My experience in a home with adoptive parents who also fostered over 300 children felt uncomfortable, to say the least. I am now married for 35 years and have raised 3 children of my own. After therapy, I finally have the strength to embrace my biological family. I am in reunion and my 94 years young father, who has welcomed me.

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