Kerry Iannone Coaching

I help over-stressed women redesign their lives with purpose and passion so they can stress less, laugh more and feel alive again–even if they think they’ve forgotten how.

I have spent many years in ministry as a coach, counselor, speaker, pastor’s wife and pastor, working with women from all walks of life and all around the globe. I discovered that, even though Christ promised us abundant living here on earth there were an awful lot of very unhappy believers out there, going through the empty motions of everyday life rather than living freely, joyfully and purposefully as Jesus intended.

I was one of those women. Running, running, running yet going nowhere. I was exhausted. And miserable. I longed for the days when I laughed a lot. I took life very seriously and felt like I had forgotten how to laugh. And then I met the Lord! I began to discover what my God-given purpose was and how happy I could be when I stayed true to that purpose. And so I did! Life changed drastically for me–and my family. I learned how to laugh at myself and to learn something new each day. To be grateful for all I had and to seek the Lord at all times. As a wife and mom, this had a huge impact on my family. We had fun again. We appreciated each other. We laughed. Joy was present in our home again.

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