Edi S

I work with women leaders and educators to help them identify and master their inner "superpowers" to find true fulfillment and achieve the things that matter most in their lives.

I had the honor of serving as a Naval Officer for 21 years. I’ve commanded one of the largest Military Entrance Processing Stations in the country, taught leadership at the Center for Naval Leadership and the University of Arizona, and was hand-picked for the Chief of Naval Operations’ working group to overhaul the Navy’s Leadership Training program. For fun I did early morning ocean swims with the Explosive Ordnance Detachment at Point Mugu, California, flew in the back of an A-7, a T-28 and an H-2 helicopter and took a deep dive in an attack submarine!

​For the past 15 years, I’ve coached small business entrepreneurs, adoptive Moms and educators to face difficult obstacles, work through personal challenges, and reach their highest potential.

I’ve learned that it takes more than intelligence or experience to achieve the life you want. It takes realistic self-awareness, positive leadership, and the ability to inspire others to do hard things in order to achieve the life they want. I’ve also learned that the things that matter most don’t have a dollar amount attached to them.

I live in the beautiful, hip, thriving Austin area with my husband, teenage daughter and the smartest, cutest “All American” dog ever. We love the Texas Hill Country, the robust activities available in the city of Austin, and simple evenings with friends sipping chardonnay in the back yard.

​Contact me for a chat about how coaching works. I want to hear what’s on your heart and in your life and together we’ll decide how to help you live up to your highest potential and live a life you love!

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