Crystal K

I first went scuba diving in 2011 to overcome my fear of going underwater. It was something that remained on my to do list until I turned thirty and I realized the need to overcome my fear. I hired a trained instructor and booked into a resort for a four day scuba diving intensive.

The first day of training, I was terrified and triple checked my equipment to ensure I would survive my dive in the practice pool. I almost quit before I began when I saw the thick theory manual, felt the weight of the equipment and wondered if my eight-grade swimming lessons would suffice for the tropical open ocean scuba diving.

I could've let me fears, low confidence in my skills and confusion stop me before I had really started.

Over the next two days, my confidence quickly grew as I gained the right skills, completed enough practice dives to gain my qualification and enjoyed swimming in a tropical reef. I became a natural scuba diver during my time abroad. The feel of the wet suit, the enticing beauty of the coral reef and the thrill of adventure on each new dive are the things that bring me great joy now. And yet, I would have missed out on seeing life under the ocean had I quit before I had begun. Learning a new skill and achieving excellence requires courage, confidence and clarity to push beyond where you are now to where you want to be

It would be my honor to be your communication coach to help you clarify your professional voice, to gain greater impact and authority, so you can dive deeper than you ever thought possible.

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