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I am a trained Christian Coach from Professional Christian Coaching Institute. I have a rich background as an entrepreneur (boutiques, image-consulting, home-improvement) and work in the financial industry, including community retail banking, mortgage compliance, wealth management and coaching since 2013.

I have always been driven and love accomplishing seemingly impossible tasks and goals. I believe hard work, belief, and persistence can achieve almost anything. I have had my share of formal counseling to examine my past and how it affects my life and choices in the present, but God's hand in my life has done more and healed me in greater ways than I ever knew possible in clinical settings.

What seems difficult and unattainable to each of us, comes within reach when we work with the right coach who can help us approach our objectives one step at a time. I love seeing my clients achieve the goals that they set out to accomplish, whether those are financial goals, or personal goals, or relational goals. The beauty of the process of living is that no matter what successes or failures make up our past, we all have the ability to grow and learn from them to become an even better version of ourselves.

Design Your Future, Regardless Of Your Past and Experience Joy in the Journey!
Remarried and loving life with my blended family for over a decade. ~Christina

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