Amy Finkbeiner

I am a certified life coach and received my training through Professional Christian Coaching Institute, which is accredited through ICF.
I am a Jesus lover (religion’s not really my thing) . Remember those bracelets that said, “WWJD”? When I am at my best that is how I process events and make decisions. When I’m struggling with something I coach around the issue (yes, I have a coach). But to be honest there are times I make a colossal mess of things and then have to find a way to fix them.

I am a paradox, a completely unique human designed by the Creator of this universe. I am an accountant by trade, the farthest thing from a buttoned up professional and I take your trust and partnership seriously. I love all things orderly, yet sometimes leave things out of place just because I can. I’m a rebel. I need an explanation if you want me to do something. If I’m going to do something it needs to be worth it. I don’t have time for foolishness.

I don’t fit into a box with a nice bow – never have, never will. Being a huge fan of personal development I dove into multiple personality surveys and all the pieces fell together. I now had words to explain what I knew deep down. None of my results made sense but they were exactly correct. I now view my instinct through this lens and choose my response that brings the greatest good.

I’m too direct for some people. I’m too much for some people. I’m the right amount for lots of people. I appreciate the exact way I was created because I know that if I played small in order to fit in I wouldn’t accomplish all that I was created to accomplish.

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